Liquid Detergent + Floor Cleaner

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This naturally formulated home care duo of PUER Liquid Detergent and PUER Floor Cleaner has been specially curated for those, who aren’t just satisfied with only ‘how clean it looks’, but are particular about ‘how clean it smells’!

PUER Liquid Detergent, Advance Care (1000 ml)

Fragrance: Everlasting Bloom

One of the most powerful liquid detergents, with 2X stain actives, a blend of bio-enzymes and natural surfactants, it can remove more than 30 types of stains without ruining the original colour of clothes even after multiple washes. NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule eliminates malodors of sweat, smoke and wet-fabrics.

PUER Floor Cleaner

Fragrance: Floral Fresh

A must-have for every homes to keep floors not just clean, but germ-free too, irrespective of the floor types. This completely natural floor cleaner has a quick-drying formulation and delivers squeaky-clean floor without leaving behind any sticky residue behind.

Superior Performance:

PUER Liquid Detergent

  • 2X stain busting actives
  • Fights 30+ stains

PUER Floor Cleaner

  • Germ-free sparkling floor
  • Super-quick drying time

Plant-based Formulation:

  • Blend of plant-based enzymes & natural surfactants
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS Ingredients
  • Naturally-derived dirt removal properties
  • No LABSA, phosphates, optical brighteners, bleach, sulphate, chlorine

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