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Bundle of Joy​

Uncompromisingly authentic like mother’s care

Soap-free clean
Moisture lock technology
No post-shower dryness
₹599.00 ₹425.00
Save: ₹174.00
Protects & restores baby’s skin barrier ​
Moisture lock technology
Enriched with 3 natural oils
₹649.00 ₹467.00
Save: ₹182.00
Promotes healthy bone growth
Improves blood circulation
Essential oils, vitamin E, omega 3 and 6
₹899.00 ₹602.00
Save: ₹297.00
Plant-based cleansers
Malodour control technology
Bio-active stain removal​
₹650.00 ₹533.00
Save: ₹117.00
Plant-based cleansers
Malodor control technology
Bio-active stain removal​
₹1,500.00 ₹930.00
Save: ₹570.00
V S Pragati

Finally a baby wash that suited my little one’s sensitive skin. And no post shower dryness. Recommended!!

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Ayesha Parkeh

Lotions is so light. My daughter is 3 year old but her skin gets dry quickly. PUER was not greasy and yet my LO’s skin felt so soft.

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Ankita Shetty

It smells so good and feels very soft on the baby’s skin. Spreads well and quickly washes off with body wash.

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Srikanth Shriraghavan

Cleaned the khichri stain from bibs so I am definitely recommending it. Smells great too and the smell is not heady.

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Sayan Ghosh

Bought the lotion because it said Ecocert & CSOMOS. My baby’s skin is soft but very happy with the fragrance of the lotion.

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S V Kulkarni

Natural and clean. Happy with the performance but best part, it leaves clothes so soft.

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Ayorima Roy

Love love the post wash feel of my daughter. Smells so great and baby like.

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Vicky Sethi

Bought these seeing the many ingredients. They are 98% natural. I used it on my baby and it seems to absorb fast so I am happy

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