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A house transforms into a home with the love and cares it gets from the members residing in it. To ensure that your home is the cleanest and safest haven for all your loved ones, we have introduced the completely natural PUER Home Care Kit. It contains,

PUER Liquid Detergent (Advance Care) | Fragrance – Everlasting Bloom: One of the most powerful liquid detergents, it has 2X stain actives, a blend of bio-enzymes, and natural surfactants. It can remove more than 30 types of stains without ruining the original color of clothes even after multiple washes. NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule eliminates malodors of sweat, smoke, and wet fabrics.

PUER Fabric Conditioner| Fragrance – Jasmine Grandeur: Vegetable-derived solubilizer in this product ensures that the texture of the fabric gets a new lease of life after every wash. It makes clothes softer and fluffier. It has anti-static cling properties that ensure fabrics do not stick to the body. Malodour Control Technology kills bad odors and also locks in a beautiful fragrance of jasmine in the fabric.

PUER Dishwashing Gel | Fragrance: Zesty Lemon: Natural formulation of this product makes it perfect for dainty cutleries and sturdy everyday utensils. Power-packed with natural robust grease busters, surfactants, and foam boosters, it ensures the trouble-free removal of grease and oils. Powered by NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule, it removes the strong food odor of fish, garlic & egg, etc from utensils. PUER Dishwashing Gel delivers squeaky-clean utensils and is one of the best dishwashing gels.

Superior Performance

  • 2X stain-busting actives (PUER Liquid Detergent)
  • Fights 30+ stains
  • Robust grease-cutting formula (PUER Dishwashing Gel)
  • Expert in cleaning dried-up dishes
  • Up to 30% increase in softness (PUER Fabric Conditioner)
  • 48+ hours Fragrance Protection Technology
  • Germ-free sparkling floor (PUER Floor Cleaner)
  • Super-quick drying time

Plant-based Formulation

  • Blend of plant-based enzymes & natural surfactants
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS Ingredients
  • Vegetable-derived solubilizer
  • Naturally-derived dirt removal properties

Liquid Detergent: Aqua, Viscosity Builder, Chelating Agent, Plant-based humectant, Surfactant, Sugar Surfactant, Plant-based Surfactant & Foam Booster, Anti-Redeposition Agent, Rheology Modifier, Bio Enzyme, Preservative, Colour & Perfume.
Fabric Conditioner: Aqua, Rheology Modifier, Popscent, Plant-based Solubilizer, Cationic Surfactant & Fabric Softener, Plant-based Surfactant & Foam Booster, Preservative, Colour & Perfume.
Dishwashing Gel: Aqua, Builder, Chelating agent, Salt, Sugar Surfactant, Surfactant & Foam Booster, Plant based Surfactant & Foam Booster, Bio Enzyme, Preservative, Colour & Perfume.

Liquid Detergent: Stain-free, cleanest clean and whitest white clothes!

Fabric Conditioner: Clothes so soft & fluffy, it embraces you like a hug!

Dishwashing Gel: Washing utensils done in a blink - no more seems like a chore!

Liquid Detergent: 

  • Take 1 cap for regular load. Take 1 + 1/2 for dirty load,
  • Soak clothes in the solution for a few minutes,
  • Wash, rinse and dry for clean, bright clothes.

Fabric Conditioner: 

  • Take 1 cap of Fabric Conditioner
  • Pour into the designated machine slot/bucket in 10 lt of water
  • Soak washed clothes in this solution for a few minutes
  • Wash, rinse and dry for soft, fragrant clothes

Dishwashing Gel: 

  • For regular cleaning take 1tsp in 40ml water and dilute. (For dirty dishes take a few drops on the scrubber directly)
  • Dip the scrubber in the solution and lightly scrub the utensils.
  • Utensils are now squeaky clean and shines like new.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
My favourite is Fabric conditioner

I liked all products in this combo. I would say my favourite is Fabric conditioner. All products smells good. Feels like a premium product

Avik Sarkar
An amazing product

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of all the products. Also the amazing smell was an added bonus. Even my maid was pleased using it. Thanx peur for this amazing experience. 😊


Puer is puer👌

Afreen ansari
Puer is wowwe

I like the product, their smell is so good n refreshing

Priya kumar
Trial pack gave confident to buy again 🙂

Go for it

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