Home Cleaning Duo ( Dishwashing Gel + Floor Cleaner, Pack of 2)

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This bundle of PUER Dishwashing Gel and PUER Floor Cleaner is sure to make all the utensil rack and floors sparkling clean and germ-free!


PUER Dishwashing Gel (500 ml)

Fragrance: Zesty Lemon

Natural formulation of this product makes it perfect for dainty cutleries and sturdy everyday utensils. Power-packed with natural robust grease busters, surfactants and foam boosters, it ensure trouble-free removal of grease and oils. Powered by NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule, it removes strong food odour of fish, garlic & egg etc. from utensils. PUER Dishwashing Gel delivers squeaky-clean utensils, and is one of the best dishwashing gels.

Superior Performance:

  • Robust grease-cutting formula
  • Expert in cleaning dried-up dishes

Plant-based Formulation:

  • Blend of plant-based enzymes & natural surfactants
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS Ingredients
  • No LABSA, phosphates, optical brighteners, bleach, paraben, phthalates, sulphate

PUER Floor Cleaner (500 ml)

Fragrance: Floral Fresh

A must-have for every homes to keep floors not just clean, but germ-free too, irrespective of the floor types. This completely natural floor cleaner has a quick-drying formulation and delivers squeaky-clean floor without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Superior Performance:

  • Germ-free sparkling floor
  • Super-quick drying time.

Plant-based Formulation:
Naturally-derived dirt removal properties
Blend of bio-degradable surfactants
No sulfated surfactants, ammonia, or silicone compounds, chlorine

Customer Reviews

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Aarav B.
Worth the money paid

The products are good, the bottling is quite unique. They were delivered on-time too. Overall, my experience was good, I'd surely buy Puer products again.

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