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Toy cleaning - fun task & game for kids

Toy cleaning - fun task & game for kids

We often underestimate kids in their ability of taking up and completing tasks. When they are trusted with a task, they often fair better than grown ups. Hence, it is advisable that kids should be involved in household tasks from an early age. This doesn’t only help them develop a sense of ownership, responsibility, but also helps in developing their motor skills. Kids can be easily trained to do simple household tasks like, keeping their stuff in the designated space, folding clothes, help with filling water and shelling boiled eggs, and most importantly, in this context, cleaning their toys.

Cleaning toys are a tasks that parents wouldn’t allow their children to do because of one simple reason. The reason being, the harmful chemical ingredients in cleaning agents. Well, with PUER all Purpose Cleaner, you as a parent can keep that worry at bay. PUER All Purpose Cleaner do not have bleach, ammonia or any such harmful and toxic chemicals often found in surface cleaners. It has bio-degradable surfactants that not only makes it harmless for kids’ sensitive skin, but also delivers result more effectively and easily.

With PUER all Purpose Cleaner at home, you can now start engaging your kids in cleaning their favourite toy car, lego pieces and boards games, their chairs, study table and many other stuff. With PUER all purpose cleaner, the surfaces doesn’t have to be rubbed and scrubbed rigorously, and on top of that, the spray nozzle will intrigue and interest your kids to use this solution as part of process of doing a serious and fruitful task.

Just a wipe and a few sprays on the surfaces or toys that you would like your kids to clean, and voila! you have an accomplished kid and clean, germ-free surfaces! Bonus being the wonderful fragrance of lavender once the surfaces are wiped clean.

With PUER All Purpose Cleaner at home, you are sure to have a cleaner and safe home with a kid, who slowly and certainly will understand the worth of keeping home tidy and grow up into more responsible individuals.