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Removing Make-Up Stains 'Easily' – A Fact or Myth?

Lipsticks, mascara, eye-liner, primer and all such make-up stuff when applied rightly on the face accentuate one’s look. But, when these make-up gets accidentally smeared on clothes, it’s an eye sore.

Then comes the obvious question - removing make-up stains 'easily' – is it a fact or a myth? To answer it in a word – ‘depends’! It ‘depends’ on the laundry detergent being used to remove stains. One definite answer on how to easily remove make-up stains from clothes is, PUER liquid detergent.

It’s a firm guarantee of natural and powerful ingredients in PUER laundry detergent to remove even the most stubborn make-up stains from clothes. PUER natural liquid detergent has a blend of 6 bio-based enzymes that loosen stain molecules from clothes and lifts it off easily.

Here’s an easy 5 step method to remove make-up stains from clothes using PUER Liquid Detergent:

1. Wet the stained spot with cold water, and pour a coin-size drop or two of PUER liquid detergent on the stain

2. Lightly scrub the detergent paste on the stain with a soft toothbrush

3. Leave this detergent paste on the stained spot for 5-10 minutes, and again lightly scrub the stained spot with a soft toothbrush

4. Repeat this process by flipping the garment inside out to let the detergent work on the stain effectively from both sides.

5. Once the stain is no more visible, rinse the stained spot in cold water.

ECOCERT ingredients in PUER liquid detergent works efficiently in removing unwanted and stubborn stains from clothes with least effort or scrub. Gentle power of natural ingredients and less scrubbing also ensure that the texture and structure of the fabric doesn’t get adversely affected, which in turn increases the longevity of the garment too.

With PUER liquid detergent in your kitty, stains of make-up on clothes doesn’t stand any chance!