A one-stop solution to all your dream-kitchen cleaning needs. From luxurious cutleries to your daily vessels, this plant-based natural dishwashing liquid is like a magic wand in your hands. Go ahead, give it a whirl, and, experience it for yourself.

Puer Dishwash is a non-toxic dishwashing liquid. It is effortless and has a robust grease-cutting formula for swift and trouble-free removal of grease, oils and odour. The Eco-cert and cosmos ingredients in this liquid dish-wash leaves utensils streak-free, squeaky-clean and spotless new in no time. One spoonful of Puer Dishwashing liquid is strong enough to battle and take down an army of dirty utensils! Now that’s what we call a spectacle.

 Trust Puer Dish Wash in removing foul odour. Its zesty clean aroma with MOC technology can tackle even the utmost stubborn odour of fish, garlic & egg. You’ve got to smell it to know it!

 Why Nature Does It Better?

No Paraben, No Phthalates, No SLS.

PUER Dish Wash is a power-packed bounty of all-natural grease busters, surfactants and foam boosters, which will triumph over all grime and evil. But don’t be fooled, for it is gentle on all those stubborn and greasy pots and pans.

Why you should prefer PUER

  • Toughest enemy for the toughest food stains and dried-up dishes.
  • Least does the most – Only a tablespoon for a sink full of utensils.
  • Most gentle on your costliest crockery.
  • Not just for your dishes, safe for your hands too!
  • Good power of Natural ingredients > Harsh power of harmful chemicals.
  • Zesty fragrance of lime to beat odour of stale foods.

P.S: We will take the blame, if washing dishes doesn’t seem to be a chore anymore!