• 21 days Fragrance

  • 100% Plant Power

  • 30% Increased Softness

The Ultimate Winter Choice

Hey Mom, for all your knitwear problems, the solution is a scroll away.

  • De-shaping

  • Lint

  • Static Cling

What makes us GREAT?

How to use

  • Take 1cap for regular load.

  • Power into your machine slot or power is your bucket.

  • Congratulations! your clothes are now fluffy and fragrant.
Mrs. Sarita Sinha
Uttar Pradesh

I am so happy with the product. The fabric conditioner is the best one that I have used till now. Recommend this to everyone. Keep it up.

Ms. Isha Reddy

The smell of the fabric conditioner is just amazing!! Love it how well it works for my woolens as it makes them so soft and fragrant without stretching the sweaters.

Mrs. Gunjan Walla

I am using the green Puer Fabric Conditioner and I love two things about it the most. the smell is great and it is safe for my kid's clothes. Go for this guys!

Mr. Peter Balakrishnan

In my experience, this fabric conditioner does wonder not only for winter clothes but also for curtains and sofa covers. I smell of the curtains filled my hall and it was better than using a room freshener.