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Is Using A Dishwasher As Easy As It Seems?

Is Using A Dishwasher As Easy As It Seems?
Before using any appliances, it is extremely important to read through the manual that comes with it. However, at times, the very basics, which are often not directly linked to the appliances are obviously not mentioned in the machine manual, also as we learn from our life, we do get better with experience. Here, we will talk about the best way to use a dishwasher. Like all other appliances, they are some basic dos and don’ts for dishwashers as well, which should be ardently followed.

Some basic points to remember even before starting to use a dishwasher are:

Pre-rinse the utensils: Your dishwasher is a dishwasher and not a bin. Therefore, never put your dishes with leftover food in your dishwasher. Before putting your dishes and utensils in the dishwasher, always rinse the utensils with plain water.

Place the utensils in the designated tray: Cups, wine glasses, bowls should be kept inclined enough to ensure that they get a proper soap-wash. Forks, knives and spoons too should be placed in the designated tray only. For utensils that are not marked dishwasher safe, should not be put in the dishwasher.

Add dishwasher-compatible detergent: The dishwashing detergent that you have been using o clean and wash utensils by hand, might not be the right fit for your dishwasher. Check the detergent’s label to know if it is dishwasher compatible. Once you have the right dishwashing detergent of your dishwasher, fill the detergent dispenser as directed in the user manual. Also, only use the required amount depending on the washing load.

Load From Back to Front: Always pull the rack out and load dishes from back to front. It is a fact that a well-organised dishwasher will give both cleaner dishes and an easier unloading process, thus making your life easy and happy.

Arrange Plates Facing Inward: Most dishwashers have water sprays that shoots water upward from the bottom center. Therefore, it is recommended to have your dishes facing inward to get ample water spray to clean the dishes.

Delicate Items on Top: Delicate wares, like glasses and expensive cutleries should be kept on the top, for the simple reason to avoid the direct pressure of the water and is also relatively less hot, this reduces the chance of breakage. Also, do not forget to shake the top rack slightly to check if the wares sit tightly in the case.

Don’t overload: It is advisable to not overload dishwasher. If you have too many dishes, wash them in batches. An overloaded dishwasher blocks good circulation of water spray and soap, thus leaving the dishes not so clean.

Lastly, always inspect your dishwasher at regular intervals to check if all the parts are functioning well. Regular maintenance will keep small damages in check thereby increasing the longevity of the appliance.

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