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Laundry Love2 min read

Winter wardrobe staple!

Winter wardrobe staple!

Woolens are seasonal wear. Cotton shirts or dresses, silk sarees, or linen pants and skirts are garments that we wear throughout the year unlike woolens, which are worn for a maximum duration of two to three months in a year. Given the reason that woolens are kept away for most part of the year, these are prone to bug-bites, tear-by-the-fold and other unforeseen damages that crop up depending on the material of our warm clothes, and this is why woolens have to be ‘stored’ with care to last an annual cycle, before it is worn again.



On the other hand, woolens if tended well can last for years. To take proper care of woolens, it is extremely necessary to know the right detergent, which must be coupled with very mild yet super effective fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner is the cleaning agent that helps in retaining the inherent moisture of fabric, thereby stopping it from turning brittle. Chemicals in detergents rob fabrics off its inherent moisture thereby making warm fabrics and woolens coarse, harsh, dry and brittle, which eventually lessens the longevity of clothes.


To ensure that woolens get the right laundry nourishment, we have formulated PUER Liquid Detergent and PUER Fabric Conditioner. These naturally-formulated detergent and fabric conditioner are mild in terms of composition, but delivers the job of keeping fabrics clean, soft and fluffy even after repeated washes, in comparison to the chemical-laden detergents that are harsh on fabric and ruins the texture and structure of fabrics.


PUER Laundry Detergent and PUER Fabric Conditioner combo is best-suited for woollens because these products do not have any harsh chemicals like LABSA, Sulphate or artificial optical brighteners, thereby ensuring proper care of woollen garments. PUER detergent and Fabric Conditioner combo is sure to keep woollens soft and fluffy for a long-long time.