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Winter Problems: Woolens and Lint

Winter Problems: Woolens and Lint

With winter comes a very pertinent problem of washing and maintaining the woolens minus the lint! Putting woolens in the washing bin invariably means other clothes full of testimonials from the woolens in the form of lint. It not only make other clothes look shabby and unfashionably funny, but in the process the woolens also lose its softness and shape.


An obvious answer to keep off lint from clothes might be a lint-roller! But, why spend on an extra accessory when it can be tackled in the laundry itself. All one has to do is be cognizant of the laundry detergent and the fabric conditioner being used.


Steps on how to maintain the classic woolens and ways to keep the lint away:

  • Brush off the lint from the garment surface.
  • Soak the garment for a few minutes in a mild, natural detergent mix to ensure that the texture of the coat doesn’t get affected. 
  • To wash it in a washing machine, use the cycle recommended for delicate or woolens, so that it doesn’t have to bear the topsy-turvy cycle
  • Do not rinse it dry.
  • Lay it out open on a flat surface/floor on a light cotton piece of cloth to avoid dirt from the floor sticking to the coat. Also, if the place gets some sunlight, it would help in drying the coat faster, and also will make it look and smell fresh.


For washing, one can always try PUER Liquid Detergent because it’s natural and effective. This natural detergent not only holds back the actual colour of the cloth, it also removes any accidental, unpleasant stains without ruining the texture of the fabric.


Once washed in PUER Liquid Detergent, it is advisable to wash the coat in PUER Fabric Conditioner. This product with all its natural ingredients minus any harmful chemicals will make the cloth fluffy, look even brighter, without adding any layer of optical brighteners. Most important reason, why you must try PUER Fabric Conditioner to give a complimentary wash to your red coat is the fact that it has anti-cling properties, which means that it is bound to keep lint away by negating the static energy that’s high in woolen garments.


With the superlative combination of PUER Liquid Detergent and PUER Fabric Conditioner, you are set to let your hair loose and revel in this party season with no worries of lint, faded or drab woolens. This product is set to give you a refreshed winter feel with zero laundry woes.

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