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Mopped floor but still sticky! Find out why!
Spotless Floors

Mopped floor but still sticky! Find out why!

What’s the point of wiping a floor clean if it feels sticky? The entire effort of cleaning the floor goes in vain if the end-result is a shabby-looking, sticky floor.

The three key reasons that make floors sticky even after mopping are,
  • Something really sticky spilled on the floor before mopping
  • The floor cleaner isn't perfectly suited for the type of floor surface
  • Dirty water

Also, not to dampen your spirit, but to guide you through, your cleaning procedure too might be the reason of a sticky floor.

  • Broom-n-mop: This ensures that there’s no unwanted product lying on the floor that might spread with water while mopping. Mopping without brooming makes floor sticky, because the dirt just spreads leaving the floor dirtier than before.
  • Right amount of floor cleaner solution: Too much solution will leave the floor sticky, and too little solution might not be enough to wipe off the grime from the floor. Always, use the right amount of floor cleaner, as is directed on the label.
  • Change water after mopping an area or a room: Using the same water to mop a big area/ multiple rooms together makes the water dirtier thus less effective in cleaning the remaining area, and leaving the undesired sticky feel on the floor.

After mopping, also ensure that the floor doesn’t remain wet for a long time. Therefore, one must use a floor cleaner that dries up quickly. This will also make floors shine better. Completely natural PUER Floor Cleaner is one of the best deal you would get! Try PUER Floor Cleaner because, 

  • It has 0 harmful chemicals
  • Quick-dry time
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Refreshing fragrance

PUER Floor Cleaner guarantees both cleanliness and safety and is a definite bet for not having to see sticky floors after mopping.