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White Linens turning Yellow!

White Linens turning Yellow!

That’s unfair! Think about this, you bought a pristine white bed sheet or a curtain. Spreading it on the bed, or white curtains fluttering by the window exudes a sense of calm. White bedsheets and white curtains make summer afternoons look peaceful, and on the other hand, such serene linens make winter afternoons feel cozy and warm. But, all this sense of pace, calm flies off the window when they start losing their whiteness due to everyday dirt and grime, and then the obvious way out to bring its white tone is to wash them well. But, boom! The more you wash, the less white is remains, and the serene, dreamy look and feel goes for a full toss!



Often, we have blamed the water or the detergent as the culprit that leads to this sad story. Well, these two indeed are the culprit. But, the good news here is that finally, we have a solution to this woe! We have tackled the detergent well to not ruin your dreamy set-up. We have formulated this completely natural liquid detergent that not only keeps your dreamy set-up intact, but also does the job of cleaning so effectively that you sit and wonder, whether it’s just a dreamy set-up or a dream coming true!



Here comes the hero, PUER Liquid Detergent! With 2X power-cleaning actives it cleans white linens to just remove the dirt without ruining the texture of the fabric. Talking about whiteness, the natural surfactants promises to maintain whiteness up to 30 washes. Assuming that you wash the same set of your curtains and bed sheets twice a month, you are set for about 15 months! To put it in perspective, just a set of curtain and bed sheets serving you continuously for more than a year, without losing any degree of its actual whiteness.



Next, is the anti-disposition technology used in this product, which ensures that the dirt once removed from the fabric will not settle on other fabrics in the same bin/bucket. That’s another whiteness guarantee that you can bank upon. That’s not all, such powerful attributes are further strengthened by colour protection technology, which also promises to keep your white just as white.



To top it all, PUER Liquid Detergent is powered with bio-enzymes, and now you ask what more do we have on offer! Well, whites tend to attract stains from far and beyond. But, with PUER in hand, you will fret not. These bio-enzymes has the power to tackle and remove more than 30 type of stains! Voila!



Yes, we kid you not! Go and splurge in as many whites as you wish! With PUER by your side, the pristine white are in safe hands. Still, if you want to make your white bed sheets and curtains, softer and fluffier than ever, you must also try PUER Fabric Conditioner! We usually call this our Liquid Detergent’s BFF – they work magic together. To know how PUER Fabric Conditioner can add magic to your knack for white-to-stay-white… stay tuned!

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