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When comforters smells like Jasmine
Laundry Love

When comforters smells like Jasmine

Winter is the time to get warm and cozy. A book in hand, a steaming cup of tea or coffee, and, huddled inside a warm comforter is the combination that the soul craves on cold winter days. Talking of comforters, softer it feels, the better, and that combined with a beautiful fragrance creates a dreamy set-up. So, how can you ensure that your comforter feels soft and fragrant enough? One word answer for it is, washing the cover of your favourite comforter in PUER Fabric Conditioner.

PUER Fabric Conditioner has naturally-derived solubilizer, fragrance popsins and a 48+ hour fragrance protection technology. So, giving the comforter-cover a wash in PUER Fabric Conditioner is bound to make your comforter feel soft and mesmerizingly fragrant. PUER Fabric Conditioner increases softness of fabric by 30% and leaves a beautiful jasmine fragrance that lingers for days at end.

Here’s a quick step on how you can keep your comforters soft and fragrant.

  • Wash comforter cover in PUER Liquid Detergent, because it is a completely natural liquid detergent, which is perfect for heavy linens.
  • After wash, soak the comforter cover in PUER Fabric Conditioner for 10-15 minutes
  • Thoroughly rinse the cover in cold water
  • Air-dry the cover under the sun in a shaded area

Comforters wrapped in covers washed in PUER Fabric Conditioner is bound to make you also feel fresh, happy and cozy, when you wrap yourself in a comforter, whose cover is washed in PUER Fabric Conditioner.

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