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Cutlery Care3 min read

What’s that film on your dishes? Get rid of it now!

What’s that film on your dishes? Get rid of it now!

Sparkling clean dishes look beautiful. Serving food in sparkling dishes can often get you compliments for the way you clean and maintain your utensils. We understand that keeping utensils sparkling and shining is a task in itself. Added to the chore of washing dishes, a good homemaker will tell you that there is an additional thing to take care of, which also is not often discussed. It is the light white film on clean dishes. This film on plates is not only unappealing but is equally harmful.

The main reason behind this white film on dishes are, water and detergent, the two core things required to wash and clean dishes.

All of us aren’t really fortunate to have soft water running from the faucets. Water that we mostly use to wash and clean our utensils is hard water. Hard water has several minerals in it that leaves mark on the surface. So when you wash dishes using this water, you are running a fair chance to see the residual effect of water as the white film in the utensils. Hard water is also not a favourable medium to have detergents properly dissolved. This also makes us use more amount of detergent than required. Therefore, both the problems together, that is, hard water and more detergent makes the white residual film unavoidable on utensils.

Listed below are a few ways by which you can eliminate the light white film on your utensils.


Hot Water:

  One of the easiest way to have dishes sparkling clean is to wash them in hot water. Hot water not only makes it easy to scrub off the food-remains, but also ensures a thorough clean with no water-mark left on the utensils. Using hot water will also easily dissolve the detergent thus allowing you to use only as much required.

Natural dishwashing detergents: 

Chemical ingredients used in dishwashing soaps also leave mark on the utensils, even if washed properly. To ensure that the film deposit on the utensils are not because of the detergents, try using a dishwashing detergent that has natural ingredients. PUER Dishwashing Gel is completely natural without compromising on the powerful cleaning properties of chemical-heavy dishwashing detergents.

Double wash:

  Always wash your dishes twice. After applying dishwashing gel on the utensils, rinse it thoroughly once with hot water and then a second plain wash with cold or normal temperature water. This process will ensure that there are no unwanted residue or film left from the water or the detergent on the utensils.

Wipe dry: 

After washing, utensils must be allowed to dry properly. Once dry, wipe the utensils with a soft dry cloth to get rid of any unwanted residual marks on the utensils.
    Following the above tips will definitely help you have a shelf full of not just utensils that are clean, but a trio of sparkling-shining-clean utensils.