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The Ultimate Guide to Fight Tough Stains
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The Ultimate Guide to Fight Tough Stains

Imagine you wear your favourite saree and that curry sauce falls on it. Or you got a new shirt for your husband and he comes back with sweat and tea stains, that tie of his has grease on it and your kid’s school uniform has changed colour by the end of school – Sound familiar? Stains are the worst nightmare for any household, but things have changed with PUER liquid detergent.
However, different stains require different attention, and here we are going to give you expert insights on how to get rid of those stubborn stains.

The complete guide to fight stains with

Identify the stain:

The first step is to identify what stain is it. If you see it fresh, then it is not a problem but at times we often miss out on the stain and later we notice the dried stain. Avoid the scenario where the stain on the dress is left to dry as these are harder to clean.

Wipe first:

If you see a chunk of ketchup, curry, or anything that has fallen on the fabric, be quick to wipe it off and clean it. This way, the stain molecule won’t deep-seep into the threads and settle down.


This is needed when the stain is very stubborn like grease, turmeric, paint, food colour, etc. Pre-treating starts by cleaning the stained area and then pouring some liquid detergent with bi-enzymes and letting it sit for a while to break down the molecules.


for turmeric stain, before pre-treating it, dry the stain in sun. The UV rays of the sun oxidize the turmeric stain and lighten it.


This step is important if you are washing heavy fabric. Use warm water and add cloth washing liquid to it. Soak the dirty curtains, bedding, covers, blankets, and upholstery. As these are not washed regularly, it needs extra care to extract all the dirt, dust, and stains thoroughly.


This is either done in a washing machine or for regular clothes, many use bucket washing. However, when using a washing machine, usually commercial brands offer different types of washing machine liquid detergent for top load and front load, and that won’t be suitable for bucket wash.

PUER understood the problem and formulated the laundry detergent in a manner that is suitable for all kinds of washing. It can be used as a bucket, top, and front load liquid detergent.


After using the appropriate clothes washing liquid, it is important to take care of the drying technique. Never dry a delicate cloth under direct sunlight. Always dry it in shade.

Ordinary Vs. PUER liquid detergent

When it comes to treating tough stains, it is important to compare the commercial brands that are available in the market and how PUER washing liquid is superior to them.

 PUER   Ordinary
31+ tough stain expert 22+ tough stain expert
Blend of 6 bio-enzymes  Blend of 4 harsh chemicals
Malodour control technology  Chemical odour suppressants
Its all-natural ingredients Oops!

Stains that cannot be treated

There are certain stains that are difficult or rather impossible to remove and here are a few of those – burnt patches on clothes, permanent marker, and dye.
With PUER liquid detergent, fight the toughest stains and enjoy chemical-free, spotless clean laundry.