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Laundry Love2 min read

The Better Detergent: Powder vs. Liquid

The Better Detergent: Powder vs. Liquid

Having to do laundry is an inevitable household chore! While the chore is inevitable, we can always opt for a better detergent to make the chore easier and clothes, cleaner.


In our growing up years, we have seen detergent soaps as the laundry hero. It soon got replaced by powder detergent, and then, a new entrant stole the show as the laundry staple - liquid detergent!


Liquid detergents rightfully emerged as the laundry hero by promising efficacy, water-efficiency and ease of use. Liquid detergent wins over its powder counterpart by guaranteeing an easier, yet cleaner wash. Liquid laundry detergent, because of its water base, dissolves easily in water and ensure thorough clean. It also leaves less residue on clothes, unlike its powdery counterpart.


Liquid laundry detergents are appliance-friendly. It can be easily used in both front-load and top-load washing machines. While powder detergents too can be used, in both type of washing machines, it often leaves undissolved chunks in the drainage system, which builds over time and blocks the drainage system of washing machines.


While liquid detergent is a definite winner in comparison to its powder counterpart, there’s yet another sub-category in liquid detergent that’s better than all that we have known so far. Completely natural liquid detergent – PUER. PUER liquid laundry detergent with its plant-based ingredients, dissolves easily in water, is gentle on fabric and tough on stains. PUER laundry detergent doesn’t even have harmful chemicals like sulphate, or bleach, which ensure that the original colour of clothes stay intact for a longer time.


With surge in awareness about environment’s safety, demand of natural liquid detergents have also gone up. Completely natural liquid detergent PUER, doesn’t leave any harmful chemical residue in water that is drained out post-washing, thus avoiding any adverse effect on the environment.


So, even when you opt for liquid detergent over powder detergent, take a step ahead and opt PUER liquid detergent – undeniably, the best laundry liquid detergent that you will ever come across. Alongside delivering on its promise to clean clothes - thoroughly yet gently, it can be also used in both top-load and front-load washing machines. Besides, if you find bucket wash the most reliable way to wash your clothes, PUER should be on your must-have list, because it is safe for your skin too.


Hoping these reasons will help you make an informed decision and you will consider switching to an easier, better and safer laundry experience. With liquid detergents, enjoy the real clean experience! With PUER liquid detergent – experience clean that’s PURE – ‘PUERly clean’!