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Preferred Dishwashing Detergent! Natural V/S Chemical-Heavy Detergents
Cutlery Care

Preferred Dishwashing Detergent! Natural V/S Chemical-Heavy Detergents

Dishwashing detergents are as constant in our kitchen as are foods and utensils. We blindly take one off the shelf from our grocery stores and place it beside our kitchen sink. It’s such an essential item that neither do we think twice before buying a new bottle/soap bar, nor do we spare a thought on what actually makes these dishwashing detergents so effective. The only thought that we have spared in the longest time is to make a switch from a bar soap to a bottle of liquid/gel dishwashing detergent. We haven’t thought about it any further. But, now is the time to take a step further and delve a bit into the ingredients present in dishwashing detergents. You might ask why! And that’s just a fair question.

To answer your why-s, let’s first see how often and directly to we use dishwashing detergent. The answer is everyday and numerous times in a day. We mostly use it with our hands to scrub off utensils, which also implies that our skin is directly exposed to all the ingredients present in a dishwash detergent. Precisely, these are the primary reasons why it is about time that we think about the ingredients in dishwashing detergents.

Dishwashing detergent types, be it soaps or liquid or gel are available in two categories. Toxic and non-toxic. Toxic are those that has compound chemicals in their formulation to make detergents efficacious - often referred to as ‘chemical-heavy’, and, non-toxic are those that are naturally formulated without compromising on efficacy and are referred as ‘natural’. On that note, let’s be honest about the fact that non-toxic dishwashing detergents should be a preferred choice, because as mentioned above, not just from utility aspect, but because this product comes in direct contact with our skin when used, it also has to be ‘safe’ for us and our health.

 The first and foremost thing that gives away the toxic-quotient is the ‘fragrance’ of the product. Irrespective of soap bars or a liquid/gel, fragrance in dishwashing detergents is due to an ingredient called phthalates. Phtalates are present in both ‘natural’ and ‘chemical-heavy’ dishwashing detergent. However, there are truly natural formulated products, which are sans-phtalates and have mild fragrances of natural ingredients like oils or allergens derived from citrus fruits, which for its grease-cutting properties is one of the most common ingredients in dishwashing detergents. Alongside, natural dishwashing detergents have plant-based enzymes and actives, which are as powerful on stains as their chemical-heavy counterparts, but are very safe on our health, and also the planet. Natural dishwashing detergents have eco-certified ingredients that robustly remove stains from dishes, removes strong food odours and leave utensils as clean and shiny as new. 

PUER Dishwashing Gel has completely natural formulation is efficacious enough to clean a sink full of dishes with just a spoonful and its mild zesty-n-citrusy fragrance makes it an ideal product to do all your utensil-cleaning needs.