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Spotless Floors1 min read

Perfect floor cleaner for squeaky clean floors!

Perfect floor cleaner for squeaky clean floors!

Floors sparkling clean as a mirror needs as much hard work as turning any dream to reality. However, with PUER Floor Cleaner in hand, you will get lucky to have your dream turn into reality without much hard work! Here’s a quick checklist on how to make floor sparkle!



To start with, irrespective of the floor type, floors have to be swept daily to keep away dirt or dust. ‘Sweep-n-mop combo’ routine is a must for a sparkling clean floor. For mopping, keep PUER Floor Cleaner handy, you will be ‘swept off your feet’ to see the difference it makes from the first mop itself.

Use the right mop:

Harsh bristles of broom or coarse mopping material can scratch surfaces. Soft cloth mops are perfect. Mop should be optimally moist. Mopping floors with wet, dripping mops will leave water stains on the tiles.


Alongside perfect mop, it is also necessary to use a floor cleaner that dries off quickly. PUER Floor Cleaner’s quick-dry formulation makes it a perfect floor cleaner, where one is assured of dry floors within seconds of mopping. If the floor remains wet for long, chances of dust settling on the floor is higher, thus making it sticky and dirty again.


Know your floor cleaner:

Floor cleaners that are naturally formulated, has a balanced pH level, dries up quickly, and has a beautiful fragrance are perfect floors cleaners.


PUER Floor Cleaner is one of the best floor cleaners that you can try now! It guarantees clean, sparkling and safe floor after every mop. With PUER Floor Cleaner we are sure you will not only have clean and germ-free floor but will also have a safer alternative to your regular chemical-heavy floor cleaners.