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Organizing wardrobe with PUER!
Laundry Love

Organizing wardrobe with PUER!

This is the season to get all the extras discarded and make space for all the good things! Be it the intent to make our life better or relooking into our wardrobes for all those extras that is lost in the deepest, darkest corner of the wardrobe.

So, basically make this season the best motivation to clean and organize your wardrobes for a more streamlined lifestyle that will take off the extra baggage and make space for better and newer apparels that will help us look our best.

So, even before you start organizing the wardrobe,

  • Bring everything out from the wardrobe and every pieces of garment that are lying around the house.
  • Keep all the garments in one place.

This will give you the basic idea of what to keep and what to let go.

Now, segregate clothes into smaller piles,

  • Garments that you will continue to wear = keep
  • Garments that you haven’t worn in the longest time and you might not ever wear = to discard or giveaway
  • Garments that might not be worn but has a sentimental value attached to it = keep, if you want; as those aren’t just garments but pieces that have memories attached to it

Once this segregation is done, separate garments as per season and then fold them neatly or hang them in rows as the space allow. We assure you that this exercise will help you see more space in your wardrobes.

Now, after all these segregation comes the task where PUER will be of help! Here’s how! For all those garments that you intend to keep, it is important that you wash all the clothes before ironing and keeping it back in the wardrobe. This will help in giving the wardrobe not just clean but a fresh look too.

PUER Liquid Detergent is ideal for all cloth types as it is gentle on fabric and tough on stains. PUER promises to keep whites as white and the coloured garments bright!

For winter wear, PUER Fabric Conditioner is your best bet! This fabric conditioner not only cleans the garments thoroughly, it also imparts a long-lasting mesmerizing fragrance to the clothes. 

Everytime you open the wardrobe, you will be proud of yourself for putting in the effort of organizing the wardrobe and will be equally delighted by the fragrance that your clothes hold, which might feel like your clothes saying a ‘Thank you’ for giving them the much-needed gentle wash and giving them optimum space in the wardrobe.

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