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Cutlery Care2 min read

Organizing kitchen with PUER

Organizing kitchen with PUER

If kitchen is your favorite place, we are here with ideas to make it an even better place for you! But, if kitchen is the place you visit only because you need to and not because you want to, we can turn the game for you too, with some good organizing tips!


Kitchen organizing starts with bringing out all kitchen related stuff that you have, not only in the kitchen but also hidden away in the storage spaces. When we get to kitchen organizing, we have to consider, utensils, cutleries, crockeries, food-grains, spices, oils, beverages, instant food packets, fruits and vegetables too! Packets of food items are amongst the most-bought and often-forgotten items that clutter the kitchen racks and counters.


Starting with utensils, one need to segregate between heavy utensils used for cooking large amount of food, everyday cooking vessels, plates, dishes, bowls, forks and spoons that are used everyday, and then, on the other hand, bunch of items stacked somewhere else to serve guests. Once you have all the utensils in front of you, you will be able to make an easy decision about what to keep and what to let go! Chipped cups, dented bowls, twisted spoons often stay back unattended and unused alongside their perfect looking counterpart.


To store food grains and pulses, it is always advisable to have similar looking covered cans. For spices, it is always smart to have round or square boxes with multiple slots. This will help in having all the spices handy on the counter, and the remaining stock can be again kept in bigger boxes with name-labels pasted on it. This will help in easy access to spices when required for the counter box refill.


Cutleries deserve a better and safer place, where it can both be visible but also doesn’t come in the way of pulling out and putting back every vessels.


While stacking back all vessels, utensils and boxes in their designated area, it is advisable to wash them all. In this act, PUER Dishwashing Gel can be your best 'organizing partner', as it is suitable for all types of utensils, and most importantly, only one drop of this completely natural dishwashing gel will be enough to clean about 8-10 utensils. 

Utensils washed in PUER will clean the utensils and eliminate any odor of food or damp that might have come from keeping it locked away for too long.