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Just clean, or germ-free clean - Choose wisely!

Just clean, or germ-free clean - Choose wisely!

Every visible surface in our homes are also breeding places for germs. Have you ever been a victim to random redness or rashes on your hands or legs? Well, this could just be a result of touching invisible bacteria, fungus or germs that develop on apparently clean-looking, but not germ-free surfaces. So, to have surfaces truly clean, you must try PUER All Purpose Cleaner.

Here are top 3 reasons, that make All Purpose Cleaner the most trust-worthy and reliable solution for not just cleaning any types of surfaces, but keeping the surfaces, germ-free too!

99.99% germ-free clean, easy: Delivering germ-free clean, need not be a monstrous task. With PUER All Purpose Cleaner, just a few spray and an easy swipe guarantees sparkling clean and germ-free surfaces. The power of plant-based and bio-degradable ingredients works more effectively in wiping away germs in comparison to the chemical-heavy products.

No Ammonia | No Chlorine | No Sulphate: What more can one demand from a cleaning solution that not only promises and deliver germ-free clean, but is also safe to use. Non-toxic cleaning agents are in demand with diseases peeking its ugly face pretty often nowadays. When you use a spray-cleaner on any surface, a few drops is bound to hit your skin. Therefore, it is imperative that the product is safe not just for surfaces, but also for your skin. This product with no harmful chemicals in it makes it safe for both the surface, and the user.

Mesmerizing Lush Lavender Fragrance: Clean doesn’t have to be bland. Infact, beautiful fragrance adds to the feel of ‘clean’. When a home smells fresh and beautiful, it feels clean too! With PUER All Purpose Cleaner, germ-free clean is a guarantee, coupled with the mesmerizing smell of fresh lavender.

We are sure these three reasons will definitely make you buy and use a bottle of PUER All Purpose Cleaner, and you will be even more surprised by the goodness and power of this product as you experience it all for yourself once you use it.

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