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Just a swipe & mirrors squeaky clean – no more a dream!

Just a swipe & mirrors squeaky clean – no more a dream!

Mirrors show you things as they are, and therefore should be clean to reflect the truth, truly. Be it the mirror on our dresser, in the bathroom, or, the most important, rear-view mirror of our car, all must be sparkling clean, and therefore, we must have a handy solution that give mirrors the deserving sparkle and shine.


Cleaning mirrors - a menial job, alright, but it demands some effort too, but, only till you haven’t found the right solution. PUER All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect solution to keep every mirrors sparkling and shining as new.
Light on surfaces, tough on stains is how we describe our most sought-after product – PUER All Purpose Cleaner!


Like all other cleaners available in the market, we definitely claim that our product delivers clean in just a few spray and wipe, but what other products can’t claim, and we are proud of giving it to you, is the fact that PUER Purpose Cleaner also kills 99.99% germs (*Basis germ-kill study in independent lab). It does so with the power of naturally-derived ingredients. PUER All Purpose Cleaner has an effective blend of bio-degradable surfactants that removes the toughest stain, thoroughly yet gently. With no bleach or ammonia in this product, this product not only keep mirrors clean, but safe too! With kids around, or we touching the mirrors to hold it at a better angle, it’s best to keep it clean not just in terms of shine, but sans germs too.


Additionally, and an aspect that will make you love this product is that you can clean every visible surfaces in your home with this cleaner. Refrigerator, TV screen, kitchen counters, chairs, bed posts, hand rests and everything that you think can do better with a shine, spray some PUER All Purpose Cleaner on them and let them shine as new!

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