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Is My Floor Cleaner Safe For My Baby And Pets

Is My Floor Cleaner Safe For My Baby And Pets
A very pertinent concern of all parents, and pet parents too - is the floor cleaner used to clean the house safe enough for the kids and pets? Well, it's definitely not! To begin with, one must keep floor cleaners out of the reach from children and pets, and to be doubly safe, completely natural floor cleaners should be your go-to option. 

To ensure safety for your kids and pets, it is always wise to have a basic knowledge of ingredients used in floor cleaners. Bleach, ammonia, phenols, phtalates are amongst the most common chemical ingredients in floor cleaners that are indeed hazardous. 
Natural floor cleaners like, PUER Floor Cleaner is as effective as any other floor cleaner that are chemical-heavy, but is loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients. This makes PUER Floor Cleaner superbly effective for cleaning purposes, yet extremely safe and mild on humans and pets. Also, PUER Floor Cleaner has a very refreshing fragrance in comparison to the strong smells of chemically-laden floor cleaners that poses respiratory hazard. Overall, PUER Floor Cleaner is the best and safest deal for both your kids and pets with natural goodness, efficacy and soothing fragrance to make your space smell fresh and soothing for a longer time.
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