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Laundry Love2 min read

What Is Fabric Softener and What Does It Do?

What Is Fabric Softener and What Does It Do?

Fabric conditioner or fabric softener is a commonly heard term in the laundry world. However, what is it? When to use it? What are the benefits? Which clothes require it? These are some of the queries that people might have and here, you’ll finally get answers to all of the queries.
Let’s begin.

What is fabric conditioner?

It is mostly a lubricating solution that forms a protective layer on the clothes. It softens the fabric and improves its quality of the fabric.
The cloth softener or conditioner comes in three forms liquid, powder, or dryer sheet; whereas, the liquid is most widely used in India. The other thing is, there are chemical-based softeners and natural fabric conditioners.

When to use it?

Fabric softeners are to be used as a regular laundry regime. After washing clothes with liquid detergent, it is best to use a fabric conditioner.
PUER is one of the best fabric conditioner brands that is made with natural ingredients and enhances any fabric softness quotient. Due to its superior performance, it only takes 1 cap for 1 load of laundry.

Which fabrics require softener?

It can be used for any kind of clothes but is a must for winter wear, woolens, bedding, covers, curtains, and upholstery.

Benefits of using fabric conditioner

If you are using PUER fabric conditioner, there are several benefits-

30% increase in softness:

The surfactants and humectants along with vegetable-derived softeners form a lubricating layer making the cloth soft and fluffy


It is made with fragrance encapsulation technology which settles as small pellets on the fabric layer and whenever it’s touched, it bursts and releases a perfume-like fragrance that lasts for 21 days

No lint:

It reduces existing lint and doesn’t let new lint form on the fabric.

No static cling:

This is a real problem during the winter. However, with fabric conditioner, this is not going to be a problem.

No DE shaping:

Woolens easily tend to get DE shaped when hanged in the hooks or clips are put on them to hang to dry.

Now you have all the reasons to quickly add PUER fabric conditioner for perfectly soft, fluffy and fragrant laundry each time.