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How to Remove Grout from Hard Surface
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How to Remove Grout from Hard Surface

Considering that you are among those lucky ones, who haven’t yet faced the problem of grout-deposit on the floor, let’s know what grout is! Grout is basically the cement applied between two tiles to keep them in place. Applying grout is undoubtedly a messy affair, but messier is the leftover grout on the floor/tile surface.

Cleaning grout requires slightly more effort and attention in comparison to regular dirt or a tough stain. However, the good news is, there are a few not-so-difficult methods to remove grout without damaging the floor.

1) Sooner the better

2) Be consistent (Don't take up the easy route of using a sharp tool or a harsh floor cleaner)

For hardened grout, begin with scrubbing the grout with a less-coarse sandpaper and then use a brush to dust of the remains. Then, pour a concentrated solution of warm water and natural floor cleaner on the affected area, and cover it with a moist cloth soaked in the same solution for over a hour. Before the mop dries, remove the mop, and use a medium-strength bristle brush to lightly scrub off any residual remains of the grout. Further, wipe the affected area with a soft cloth soaked in the same floor cleaner-warm water solution and let it dry. This method has to be followed regularly till the grout is completely scrubbed off the floor.

For fresh or damp grout, again pour a concentrated solution of floor cleaner - warm water on the grout, dip a fine wire mesh/wool in the remaining solution and scrub the grout gently. This will dissolve the grout easily. Once the grout has been scrubbed off, wipe it further with a damp cloth soaked in the same solution and then wipe off with a soft dry cloth.

Natural floor cleaners like PUER Floor Cleaner can be effectively used without worrying about any adverse impact on the floor. Continuous application of this floor cleaner will definitely help in removing grout from the floor and will also help you in maintaining a clean, dirt-free and safe floor for your family members.