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Home that smells like a garden!
Spotless Floors

Home that smells like a garden!

With pandemic hovering since two years now, we do crave for some outdoor experience. Given the fact that our homes are beaming with all the family members staying together, throughout the day, it is mandatory to keep our homes clean and germ-free. Here, we have a product that ensure both germ-free and squeaky clean floors, and also impart a beautiful fragrance. The product is PUER Floor Cleaner.

PUER Floor Cleaner is a natural floor cleaner powered with plant-based humectant and other naturally derived ingredients, which also promises to kill 99.99% germs. Natural ingredients make this floor cleaner even more powerful than the chemically-laden floor cleaners. Coupled with Malodor Control Technology and mesmerizing natural fragrance, it also removes any inherent odour in the house and makes the space smell like a garden.

A few attributes of PUER Floor Cleaner that will make it one of your favourite home care products are as listed below,

• Delivers squeaky clean floors
• 99.99% germ-free clean
• Super-quick drying time
• Removes stain effortlessly
• Suitable for all floor types

Try PUER Floor Cleaner to get swept off your feet!

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