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Hands not just clean, but moisturized and soft!
PUER Hygiene

Hands not just clean, but moisturized and soft!

With Covid making an almost permanent intervention in our life, we all have become a little more aware of the germs in hand, which we have conveniently ignored for the longest time. Using sanitizers or washing hands have become a part of our existential routine more than ever. While using sanitizers and hand wash are effective, it also robs off an equally important component of our skin – skin's natural moisture level. Washing hands frequently kills germs alright, but the dryness it leaves isn't a pleasant experience.

Have you ever wondered if there was a product, that would clean hands, kill germs, retain your palm's natural level of moisture and to top it all, a completely natural product? Well, dreams do come true and dream products are made thoughtfully to address the minutest of concern of the consumers. PUER natural Hand Wash is one such product that not only cleans everyday dirt and grime, but also eliminates bad odour and is powered with 99.99% germ-shield protection. While it cleans hand thoroughly, it is gentle on the skin with its natural ingredients. Natural fatty acid-based cleaning agents and nourishing qualities of palm and coconut, leaves hand clean and soft.

Skin-dryness is a problem that we all battle. Therefore, while you follow the new protocol of washing hands frequently, we can only assure you of the good that natural ingredients can do to your hands while cleaning it. Naturally loaded with richness of oil, ingredients like palm and coconut, makes PUER Hand Wash the most reliable and effective hand wash. PUER natural hand wash also has natural softening agents that makes it perfectly foamy irrespective of the water-type.

Suitable for all skin types, PUER Hand Wash can be the go-to hand wash for kids running back home from the playground, the germ-kill solution after you have returned from the market, the perfect hand wash for that health-conscious family member after s/he has jogged back home from their morning run, and the most favourite hand wash for a conscious teenager, who checks both the ingredients and claim that a product promise.

Overall, a bottle of PUER Hand Wash at home is a healthy addition that is different not only in terms of what it delivers, but equally being cognizant of the often-overlooked demands of retaining moisture and making hands feel soft and fresh.

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