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Food aromas are best kept separate!

Food aromas are best kept separate!

Making jams, jellies and pickles at home kept our grand-mothers and mothers busy in the bygone days. Today, those are all bottled-nostalgia. On being asked, my mother shared two key concerns that has forced her to stop making pickles and jams at home. These are,

  • Washing huge utensils, barnis and bottles that are required to make and store jams and pickles
  • Jams and pickles acquiring the aroma of other pickles/jams that was last stored in the same bottle, even after washing the barnis

Well, with PUER Dishwashing Gel, we cannot help our mothers and grandmothers in striking up the perfect spice concoction for pickles, but can definitely help with,

  • A quick, easy yet effective cleaning of all the utensils, jars and barnis in question
  • Ensuring that the utensils and barnis are completely odour free after every use and wash

Here’s a 5 step guide to ensure that pickle barnis and jam bottles get a thorough clean before refilling them with a new batch of pickles and jams.

  • Empty the bottle from the last stock and wash them thoroughly with hot water
  • Put a few drops of PUER Dishwashing Gel in the barnis, add some water and leave it for 5 minutes
  • Thoroughly scrub the barni with a scrubber
  • Rinse it well with plain water
  • Leave it to dry in the sun.


Following this cleaning process will not only give you clean barnis and utensils, but will also ensure that there’s no odor left from the items stored in it the last time.


PUER Dishwashing Gel has goodness of ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients, which ensure that the product has no harmful chemicals in it and therefore also doesn’t leave any chemical residue in the utensils/barnis, thus making it doubly safe for food items like pickles and jams that needs to be stored for a long long time.

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