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Why fabric Conditioner is a must for your woolens?

Why fabric Conditioner is a must for your woolens?

With the nip in the air, it’s a tell-tale sign to pull out the woolens from its year-long cupboard hibernation. Taking out the woolens, airing and sunning them, and making a place for the woolens on an accessible rack are amongst the few to-dos that we do look forward to with this change in season. However, these activities also ring the bell of the more arduous and impending task of taking care of the woolens a little more carefully and gently with the help of fabric conditioner.


Woolens, as we know, in comparison to summer clothes tend to get out of shape faster; irrespective of their softness, woolens tend to become rigid, if not washed and dried properly using natural liquid fabric softener. Woolens run out of its actual color faster than the season itself. So, to put in a gist, woolens demand a bit of extra ‘care’ and not just ‘wash-n-dry’ laundry regime that we usually follow for our summer clothes.

PUER Fabric Conditioner - the true magic potion you can rely on

Well, as has been observed, for every layered job there is an easier and a more reliable hack lying somewhere in the corner. So, here we are easier and definitely the most reliable hack to keep your woolens proper in terms of color, shape, softness and warmth. This winter, try PUER Fabric Conditioner which provides the right care and longevity to your winter wear.

How does PUER Fabric Softener help?

PUER ensures the use of natural ingredients and technology that not only enhances the woolen properties but also protects it. Here are some of the best attributes of PUER Fabric Conditioner-

  • Makes woolens 30% extra soft
  • Increases volume and fluffiness
  • Long lasting fragrance for 21+ days
  • No de-shaping
  • No static cling
  • No lint
  • No color bleeding

    With winter setting in, we also need to bring out wrappers, blankets and blanket-cover. This cloth softener is the perfect post-wash compliment for everything that you need to wrap around to keep yourself warm and snug. Blanket covers, flannels, socks, mittens, scarves, woolen caps, mufflers etc., - with this fabric conditioner you can wash anything and everything that needs to stay in shape, feel soft and look bright.


    The long-stay Malodor Control Technology used in this fabric conditioner not only lends the washed clothes a beautiful smell, but keeps the naturally fresh fragrance intact for the longest time you can possibly imagine.


    This winter, gift yourself the magic of PUER to keep yourself warm and mesmerizingly fragrant. Try PUER Fabric Conditioner to enjoy the worth of winter more than ever. 

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