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Laundry Love1 min read

Blotch of colours, no more!

Blotch of colours, no more!

We are sure that you have witnessed the unpleasant sight of colours running off from your favourite clothes. To see a pink dress come out of the washing machine with blotches of blue, is heart-breaking. Well, here we are to promise you that one garment stained with the colour of another garments will be a thing of the past, once you start using naturally formulated PUER Liquid Detergent.


PUER Liquid Detergent has the power and goodness of natural ingredients coupled with Complete Colour Protection Technology that not only promises to clean clothes effectively, but also guarantees to keep the colour of garments intact. Even if the loose colour pigments run off while washing, they do not settle on other clothes, because this liquid detergent also has anti-redisposition technology that doesn’t allow colours or dirt rooted off from one to deposit on other clothes.


The combination of colour protection technology and anti-redisposition technology in PUER liquid detergent ensure that garments get a thorough wash, while not robbing the actual texture and colour of the clothes, thus, ensuring that clothes look as good as new even after multiple washes. 


Absence of non-toxic and harmful chemicals makes this product mild and safe on fabric, but tough and effective on stains. So, with PUER Liquid Detergent in your laundry kitty, be rest assured that your garments are up for a treat!

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