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Laundry Love2 min read

Best Detergent For Washing Machines

Best Detergent For Washing Machines

Washing machines aren’t anything without detergents, and for detergents, washing machines are the one that highlight its efficacy. Washing machines and detergents are co-dependent on each other to prove how better it can make our life by making our chores easy and flawless. But, there can always be a healthy debate as to which type of detergents are effective and easy on both clothes and washing machines.


An easy, and tested-with-time answer is liquid detergent. For the simple reason that liquid detergents are easily soluble in water for their water base and leaves no visible residue over time in the machine pipes that clog them, but again, and with time, we have seen liquid detergents evolve from being better to best, and now the question stands, which liquid detergent is best for washing machines?


Well, to put it in a generic way, it has to be mild that doesn’t erode the washing machines’ metal body, and one that is effective enough to give us clean, unfaded clothes. Here, the specific answer would be PUER Liquid Detergent. Now to know, how PUER Liquid Detergent is one of the best options for your washing machine, read the reasons listed below.


Firstly, PUER Liquid Detergents come in three variants – Intense Clean with lavender fragrance and Advance Care with Everlasting Bloom and Blooming Garden fragrance. These not only promises to wash clothes, but also leaves a fresh and beautiful fragrance in the washed clothes.


PUER Liquid Detergent have 100% natural formulation and are derived from bio-based ingredients like ECOCERT and COSMOS, which means that they are completely devoid of harsh chemicals that are usually present in the regular detergents, and thereby, minimizing or completely negating any erosion or unfavourable reacting with the metal bodies of the machine, and thereby promising not only clean clothes but also ensure longevity of washing machines.


Bio-enzymes and surfactants present in PUER Liquid Detergents are completely soluble in water and therefore doesn’t leave any residue that often clogs the drain and lowers the lifespan of washing machines.


So, with these aspects, PUER Liquid Detergent is the best companion that your washing machine can ever have to guarantee flawlessly, stain-ridden, colour as bright as new clothes in a single wash cycle! Go and get you share of PUER Laundry Liquid Detergent bottle now!