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Laundry Love2 min read

Beautiful fragrances to liven up the mundane chores!

Beautiful fragrances to liven up the mundane chores!

Let’s just put it straight! Three reasons why doing household chores is not just a task,

  • It's mundane
  • People who love doing household chores are far and few between
  • Except for the completion of task, there’s no other delight


To top it all, it’s winter season, when anything to do with water feels more like a punishment! Doing laundry, washing dishes, and mopping floor without water is an unachievable dream.


To make household chores feel less daunting and tedious, some effective products with beautiful fragrance might trigger some interest and add a sensorial delight. If you are also someone who gets triggered positively by beautiful fragrance, PUER Home Care kit is just for you!

There are a total of three PUER Liquid Detergents, which have been specifically formulated to give users a specific delight of fresh, beautiful, natural fragrances, namely, Everlasting Bloom, Blooming Garden and French Lavender. You must try these natural liquid detergents to want to do laundry more often than you have ever wanted to! Bonus: Beautiful fragrance stays on your garments for the longest time possible.

Next in line is the PUER Fabric Conditioner! Heady fragrance of Jasmine coupled with 48+ hour fragrance lock technology will make your bed-linens, woolens and those precious clothes not only look classy but smell better than ever. The popsins used in this product releases a beautiful smell every time it is touched for a generous appreciation.


With PUER Floor Cleaner, your home is bound to smell like a garden! We kid you not! Mop the floor with this super-quick dry-time floor cleaner, and floors will not only look squeaky clean, but will also assure a germ-free clean.


Well, here’s what we have to say about our products and we really don’t want you to trust us blindly. Gift yourself a delightful experience of trying PUER's range of completely natural, super effective products, which will also add a sense of delight and will make you believe that doing the so-called ‘mundane house-hold chores' isn't as mundane as you think it to be.