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Laundry Love3 min read

9 Reasons to Buy Liquid Detergent

Puer liquid detergent

Indian households are famous for segregating their laundry into different sections – Everyday home clothes, regular wear, office or school clothes, heavy laundry (like bedding, and upholstery), and premium or party clothes. Accordingly, they have different two types of detergent – powder, and liquid.

However, the era of powdered detergent is almost over! With its heavy chemical formula and inferior performance, it is time to switch to liquid detergent.

9 reasons to switch to liquid detergent:

No one wants patchy powered detergent stains

Powdered detergent does not dissolve entirely in cold water and sometimes deposits on the clothes making them look patchy. However, using natural liquid detergent which has plant-based surfactants that easily dissolve the detergent in water and gives an even cleaning without extra deposition.

Compatible with washing machine

Powdered detergents are a big no for washing machines. When it comes to top-load and front load liquid detergent, ordinary brands provide two different types of washing machine liquid but PUER liquid detergent is compatible with both kinds of washing machines as well as bucket wash.

Natural liquid detergent is less harsh

When advocating to purchase liquid detergent, the better choice is opting for PUER laundry detergent as unlike powder or ordinary washing liquid, it is completely natural, made with plant-power, natural surfactants, vegetable solubilizer and bio-enzymes which are far better than any chemical and causes no harm to your or to the environment.


Let’s be honest, powdered detergent smells horrible! What’s the solution? PUER liquid detergent smells like perfume. It locks in the fragrance and malodour control technology makes clothes smell fresh for longer.

Good for pre-treating

Liquid detergent is great for pre-treating and breaking down stains to give spotless cleaning in every wash. However, the same process becomes extremely with powder detergent.

Breaks down stains better

The main reason why liquid detergent can break stains better is its capacity to dissolve faster in water and attack the stain molecules.
PUER liquid detergent contains bio-enzymes that can tackle the toughest of stains without leaving any trace behind. Along with that, it has anti-repository technology which prevents dirt and stains from depositing on the fabric.

Easy to use

To be honest, cloth washing liquid makes the job much easier with the cap giving proper measurement. Eg. PUER laundry detergent, 1 cap for 1 load, and for extra dirty load, 1 and a half caps.

Can be used for delicate fabrics

Powdered detergent is a strict no-no when comes to premium or delicate fabric. However, if you choose a proper cloth washing liquid that doesn’t have harsh chemicals, it can very well wash delicate fabrics.

Safe for kids

Natural detergents like PUER will not cause any allergic reaction and do not leave traces of chemicals on the fabric post-wash. It is hypoallergenic and clinically tested proving to be safe for kids and people with sensitive skin.

When choosing liquid detergent, there are a few other things that need to be kept in mind. Here are some of the parameters to check- Natural, stain expert, well-reviewed, and superior performance. PUER laundry detergent  ticks all the boxes and checks all these criteria making it the most suitable for your home.

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