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What’s That Spot After A Thorough Wash!

AdminMay 31, 2021

How concerning it is to see spots in freshly washed clothes? The entire effort of doing the laundry goes for a toss, when we see such undesired spots. To help you treat those spots and stains, we have listed below a few causes and ways to have your clothes clean and spotless. Foremost and a simple way to avoid and easily treat such stains is to notice, whether the clothes have such stains before washing or is it an after-wash result. Noticing this at a pre-wash stage will help you treat the stains better and with lesser effort.

Spots of medicines/lotions/perfumes: Chemicals used in ointments, lotions and perfumes stain clothes, towels and bed sheets. On washing clothes with such stains without specifically treating the stains might let the colour sit further on the fabric.

Bleach and washing powder: Clothes soaked in bleach-water, where the bleach doesn’t get dissolved properly can lend spots and patches on the clothes. Same applies to undissolved washing powder. Always make sure that the washing powder is thoroughly dissolved to avoid such unpleasant stains on washed clothes.

Stains from oil/grease: Be it an oil splash from the kitchen counter or from a mechanic’s store. Oil stains are often stubborn if not treated immediately.

How to treat several types of stains:

Plant-based stains: Enzyme-based stain remover can work effectively in removing plant-based stains. PUER liquid detergent has plant-based enzymes, which works effectively on stains without harming the texture of the fabric. It is completely powered by natural ingredients, which makes it equally efficacious in comparison to the chemical-heavy counterparts. Also, remember to air-dry the clothes that has been specially washed for stain-removal.

Grease/oil stains: One of the potent detergent that can be used to remove oil or grease stains from clothes is your dishwashing gel. Soak the affected area of the cloth in a dishwash gel and water solution for about half-an hour and then wash it with a laundry detergent and thoroughly rinse with water. You can also try using PUER Dishwashing Gel to make the solution potent for the stain without adversely affecting the fabric or texture of the cloth. Check whether the stain has been fully removed or not before air-drying the cloth. Using dryer to dry stained clothes aren’t advisable as the heat of the dryer might seal the stain further in to the fabric.

Your washing machine can also be a culprit in staining your clothes. To be able to avoid this, always keep your washing machine clean. Once in month or depending on how often you use the washing machine, run a hot water cycle with a little bit of vinegar to clean your washing machine. Do not keep the washed clothes inside the machine for too long and after every wash, keep the front dooe or the top lid of your washing machine open to let it completely dry and minimise any chances of moisture deposit, which in the long run might lead to rust and degeneration of the washing machine.  

Hope this article will help identify and solve the problems of unwanted stains and patches on your clothes.