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5 Appreciation To Shower When Visiting A Mom

AdminJul 12, 2021

The moment one gives birth and becomes a mother, her reality changes by 180 degrees. Time for eating-sleeping-bathing topples like a pack of cards. Either heeding to or ignoring expectation becomes the new normal. In a sentence, with a bundle of joy what also embraces her is an overwhelming situation. Here are a few comforting word of appreciation to boost a new mom’s confidence and spirit.


  • ‘You are Doing Great!’: This phrase can definitely help a mother deal with the new situation with confidence and ease. A new mom is on her toes round the clock doing everything she can for her child. In doing so, she often tend to lose out on a few things, confidence and patience being the most common. In such a situation a comforting phrase – ‘You are doing great’ will not only make her feel better but a little chirped up to take on the next task with a happy mind and a smile on her face.
  • ‘You Know The Best’: This phrase is a definite confidence booster! We know that it is not by choice that a mother will miss doing anything for her child, but in the process of juggling thousand other things, she might just miss doing something and that is enough to pull her down. At such times, instead of reminding her about those unintended misses, tell her that one thing, which is equally true but is rarely mentioned – ‘You know the best!’ Positive words will give her the much needed solace and make her believe that she is empowered with all the instincts that a mother needs to take care of her child.
  • Pause and Play: Juggling things might be the call of the hour, but, remember you can’t do much while rolling continuously. No matter how fast a vehicle runs to cover a distance, it has to pause to fuel up to run further. Same applies to a new-mom. So, next time when you are visiting a hassled new-mom, convince her to ‘Take a PAUSE’ between all the running and juggling. If need be, stay by here for a while, help her with the smallest chore if need be or till she feels rejuvenated and is ready to resume. Make her understand that only when she listens to her own needs and demands, will she be able to take care of her child’s demands and needs in the best way possible.
  • Comparison is Passé: Moment we face a new situation, we pressurize ourselves either to excel or pull ourselves down by anticipating failure. New moms are no different. They often check how other moms take care of their child and does a blatant comparison only to feel that she isn’t really doing it right. Not denying the fact that occasional and healthy comparison might help ace the game, but often, blatant comparison pull them down. It’s important to make new moms remind constantly, that she is doing to the best of your knowledge and ability, and comparisons are simply redundant. It’s comforting and wise to tell new moms that they are thriving in everything that they are doing their way.
  • It’s Alright!: It’s perfectly fine, if you chant ‘It’s alright’ as a mantra while visiting a new mom. We all know that ‘it’s just alright’, but at times we just fall off the track and beat ourselves up. New moms even more so. So, make it a point to hear it out completely when you are visiting a new mom and in your truest voice tell her that ‘it’s absolutely alright!’. This phrase is like a comforting balm for someone who is even happily tired.

We are sure that all of the above phrases will definitely help new moms gather and shower more love and care to their child. Before we part, here’s just a token of small advice to you all visiting a new mom – when you say any of the above to her, make sure that you sound honest and convincing. ‘Mean it when you say it!’, because no matter how nice the phrases are, half-hearted encouragement and appreciation hurts as bad as bad criticism.