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Mantra for clean and soft bed sheets!

AdminMay 30, 2021

Who doesn’t dream of retiring into a soft bed with clean and even softer bed sheets tugged around! We all do! This is one comfort dream that’s certainly achievable. Let’s see how!

If you got a new bed sheet, the ideal way to enjoy the soft and smooth texture of the same is to not spread it right out of the packet. Rather, it is wise to soak it in plain water for a few hours and get it lightly washed. That’s the first hack to enjoy sleeping on a new yet soft bed sheet. Well, another hack to ensure that your bed sheet is soft is by checking that a) its pure cotton, b) it has a high thread count. This not only ensures that you are buying a softer bed sheet, it also guarantees that you are getting a bed sheet that will last longer. 

But, that’s about new bed sheets. We want our old and regular-use bed sheets to be as soft as the new one too. How can that be achieved? Easy! Read through.

Pre-soak: It is always a good idea to pre-soak bed sheets overnight in lukewarm water before the actual wash. This process also ensure an initial wash-off of loose dirt and helps in lightening any light stains.

Don’t Overload: If you are washing a king size or an extra-queen size bed sheet, it is recommended that it is washed separately with no other clothes in the bin. More the space in the machine, better the tumble, and hence, chances of getting a softer sheet is higher.

Alternate water temperature: For better results, if you are washing bed sheet in the washing machine without a pre-soak, start with hot water and then switch to cold water for a good rinse.

Good detergent in less quantity: Better the quality, lesser the quantity. A detergent with natural formulation is always a good option for soft fabrics. PUER Liquid Detergent is completely natural and works equally better as its chemical-heavy counterparts available in the market. Using too much detergent makes fabric stiff.

Use Fabric Conditioner/Softener: After detergent wash, soaking bed sheets in a good fabric softener will make bed sheets even smoother and softer. PUER Fabric Conditioner is highly recommended for your bed sheets. It will not only make the bed sheet softer, it will also add a mild appealing fragrance, which will stay for a longer time.

Double wash: Consider washing bed sheets twice in a row. After a full wash and dry cycle, repeat the process with even less amount of detergent and a bit of fabric conditioner/softener. This is sure to make your bed sheets even softer. 

Regular wash: Bed sheets should be washed once a week/10 days. Even if the bed is not used, bed sheets accumulate dirt and therefore maintaining this frequency of washing bed sheets is highly recommended. 

Line-drying: If you are looking for a softer bed sheet, drying freshly washed bed sheets in the sun will work like magic. If you are drying them in machine dryers keep the temperature minimum.

Ironing: Doesn’t look like a necessary step, but it definitely adds to the warmth and texture of a freshly laundered bed sheets, thus adding to the soft and smooth texture.

Following all the above steps is bound to give you a soft and smooth bed sheet and a good night’s sleep!