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How To Use Liquid Fabric Softeners

AdminMay 31, 2021

All types of fabrics need specific care and maintenance for longevity. Texture and weave of each fabric is different from one another, and therefore a generic all-put-together wash is just not enough in terms of taking the right care. We do agree that it does become an extra task to give clothes a second wash in fabric conditioners, but trust us when we say that this little effort goes a long way in keeping your favourite clothes in their best form for the longest time.

Fabric Conditioner imparts freshness, softness and protection to clothes, and the best part is - it's easy to use. However, the specification on usage depends on what type of washing machine you use – front load or top load, or do you prefer washing clothes by hand!

How to use liquid fabric conditioner in front-load or top load washing machines?

  • First thing first: Measure the amount of fabric conditioner in the cap as recommended on the label
  • Next, pour the fabric conditioner into your washing machine’s conditioner/softener dispenser tray/column
  • Switch on the washing machine as directed to run a cycle with fabric conditioner.

If you prefer washing clothes by hand, you don’t have to worry about how to use fabric conditioner. After you have thoroughly washed your clothes with detergent and have run the entire process, just before putting the clothes out to dry, you will have to follow one more step. In a bucket full of water or as much water required for the number of clothes to be washed, put a cup of fabric conditioner, or as much is required for the number of clothes and dissolve. Then soak the clothes for three to five minutes, gently wring the clothes and put it to dry.

PUER Fabric Conditioner is a favourable fabric conditioner for all type of clothes. It is also completely natural and devoid of any toxic chemicals, thus making it both effective and safe for your clothes. PUER fabric conditioner increases the volume of clothes by 30%. This fabric conditioner is also replete with anti-static cling properties and has a 48+ hours odour lock technology that holds the fresh fragrance of the conditioner for the longest time, thus giving clothes a new lease of life.