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Best Way to Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles

AdminMay 30, 2021

Floor as shiny as marble is an aspirational adage. To be able to achieve that shine one ought to work really hard. However, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. A regular dust-n-wipe routine can clean ceramic tiles in a go. Maintaining a regular routine of dusting and wiping the floor also helps in removing any dust or dirt from the floor, thus also making it safe for you and your family.

A few things key to maintain a floor-cleaning routine is as follows:

Sweep-n-mop: To start with, floors, irrespective of the floor type, has to be swept daily to keep away dirt or dust. Also, it is advisable to follow the ‘sweep-n-mop combo’ routine for a sparkling clean floor. Only sweeping or only mopping doesn’t give the desired result.  For mopping, one must use soft cloth to prevent any scratch on the surface.

Use the right brush and mop: Take care while choosing the right broom or brush for your floor tiles. Harsh brushes or bristles of broom can scratch the surface. Similarly, a flat mop made of soft clothes will not only make the mopping routine easy, it will be gentler on the floor too.  For the gap between the tiles, one can opt for a coarser brushes, but should be careful enough to not use it on the surface as that might also leave scratches while removing dusting-off the dirt that gets settled in between. For stubborn stains, one can use a toothbrush to apply a concentrated mix of floor cleaner on the stains and then wipe it clean with water. 

Mop-n-dry: While mopping one has to be extremely careful of the fact that the mop is optimally moist and doesn’t drip water. Wiping the floor with a wet mop will leave water stains on the tiles, thus making it look ugly. It is extremely necessary to dry off the floor completely after mopping. If the floor is not dry and if dust settles on top, it will produce ugly stains. If required, one must also wipe the floor with a dry soft cloth after mopping.

Warm wash: Lukewarm water wash with a mild floor cleaner dissolved in it can also help in getting a sparkly clean floor. However, it is always recommended to wipe the floor dry after every mop session. 

Know your floor cleaner: Floor cleaners that are naturally formulated, has a balanced pH level, and dries up quickly, and has a mild fragrance are ideal floor cleaners. PUER Floor Cleaner with its natural formulation, kills 99.99% of germs, dries up quickly and is suitable for any floor type, thus, making it a perfect floor cleaner for every households. It guarantees a clean, sparkling and safe floor after every mop.

Regular cleaning is the key to a clean floor. With PUER Floor Cleaner we are sure you will not only have clean and germ-free floor but will also have a safer alternative to your regular chemical-heavy floor cleaners that claims to do the job just as well.