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Advantage of using Liquid Detergent Over Powder Detergent.

AdminMay 30, 2021

Washing clothes is a regular household chore. Be it a bucket full of clothes, or a high-tech washing machine full of laundry, every household spends considerable amount of time washing clothes, either everyday, or twice weekly, or once a week.

In the initial years of growing up, we have seen our mothers or house-helps use detergent soap, which then got replaced by powder detergent for ease of use and guaranteed efficacy. But, soon, with everything evolving around us, powder detergent got replaced by liquid detergent; reasons cited as efficacy, water-efficiency and ease of use. However, not every household has embraced liquid detergent. Reasons being, affordability and doubting efficacy to the point, where one wonders, ‘how better will it excel the good old powder detergent?’ Well, the answer is, ‘to a great extent’.

Let’s start with smashing the myth on affordability. With a few extra pennies that you might be spending on liquid detergent in comparison to its powder counterparts, you are giving your clothes a comparatively longer lifespan. Most importantly, with a few penny here, you are also saving a lot on your water bills, as liquid detergents are water-efficient. Below is a detailed explanation on both these aspects.

Liquid detergent wins over its powdery counterpart by guaranteeing a brighter and cleaner wash. Liquid detergents do this well due to the absence of built-in bleach found in powder detergents, which also aggravates fading of colours.

Liquid detergents are easily soluble in water irrespective of the water-temperature, thus, enabling a deep-clean with less residue on clothes, unlike its powdery counterparts. Liquid laundry detergent, because of its water base, dissolves easily and guarantees stain-removal with least effort in the shortest time. That’s a promise in comparison to the powder detergent, which often fails on the task due to its ‘dissolvable issues’. So, it’s an all-win situation in terms of a quick hand-wash or a warm soak as time and stain demands.

Laundry powder with its temporary plastic packaging poses yet another concern in terms of an air-tight storage. On the other hand, liquid detergent for clothes come in bottles with a handle, which makes it easy to use, a cap that doubles up as a measuring cup, and a spout that ensures easy pour into the washing machine or a bucket full of clothes.

Moreover, laundry liquid detergents are appliance-friendly, which means it can be easily used in either a front-load or a top-load washing machine. Powder detergents often leave their marks in the washing machine in the form of chunks, which builds up over time and blocks the drainage system of washing machines, which then adds another bill to your list of expenses. Thus proven, liquid detergent is not only easy on clothes but also on machines.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you believe that there’s no better alternative to hand wash your clothes, be assured that liquid detergents with its water base, is easier on your hands and skin too.

Hoping these reasons will help you to make an informed decision and you will consider switching on to an easier washing experience than what you have had all this while with powder detergents. With liquid detergents, enjoy an easy yet clean experience to wash off any unwanted stains, be it on your clothes or in the machine.