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5 Ways To Help A New Mom

AdminJul 26, 2021

As is said, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and you can help a new mom by being one from that village extending help in every possible way. Help doesn’t always mean bringing tangible things, it is of more comfort and value to a new mother when gentle and caring words are spoken to her, appreciation showered and just encouraging her on this new journey of motherhood. It’s all about extending even the minutest support whenever required.


Order Or Send In Food: Tasks of cooking and cleaning although necessary seems like a mammoth task with new responsibilities to attend a baby. The easiest way to make the new parents happier is to share or send some delicious food. With numerous food delivery options available, this is the simplest but most thoughtful act that you can do for a new parent. There’s nothing more assuring than taking off the load of cooking yet ensuring that they are fed well at a time when there’s least time on their hand to take care of themselves.


Offer To Run General Weekly/Bi-weekly Errands: Doing the groceries can be one of the most necessary yet tedious task that new moms have to take care of. Simple yet necessary things like, diapers, nursing pads, ready-to-eat-food can be dropped off at the new parents home without a thought or much discussion, because as is known these are some of the most important things that one can have handy and will be of definite use sooner or later.


Pamper The New Mom: A new mom is a new responsibility, which leaves no time for her to take care of herself. You can gift a massage session, a pedicure, manicure, facial or a hair-cutting session for the mom at home. Another way could be to assist the new mom to a salon and babysit the kid while she is getting pampered.


Take Care Of The Elder Kids: If your friend, who has recently given birth to her second or third child, offer her the option to babysit the elder kid on your day-offs. Taking the responsibility of dropping and picking up the kid to school and back home is another great help that you can offer to the mom. This will take off the load of looking after two or three kids at a time for the new mom, and allow her to spend some extra time with the new baby at home.


Document The New Family: If you have an interest in writing, photography or videography, you can always offer the new parents an option to document this new beginning and the initial days of building a family.


At such a time, a little help is of great value. So, depending on your relationship with the new mom and new parent, offer whatever little help you can to help them enjoy this phase as much as possible.