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5 Things New Moms Don't Want To Hear At A Party

AdminJul 12, 2021

Birth and celebration goes hand in hand. However, it might not be always possible to celebrate the event right after giving birth. Whenever it is if you are invited to a party organised in the honour of a new mom and a new born, you only need to be cheerful and compassionate and never inquisitive or curious. That’s the key to reach a party happy and leave a party, happier. Here’s a list of what one must refrain from saying to a new mum to avoid hurting feelings and pulling down the party-mood. • Anything starting with 'when my child was their age...': You are at a party, which is not a place to compare-as-you-wish! Every baby, like every individual has their own graph of growth and eventually, a child will do what it is meant to in due time. So, there’s absolutely no need to share your child’s learning graph, either fast or slow, with the child who we are celebrating here at the party. • S/he’s a bit of a handful, isn’t s/he?: S/he might be or might not be a handful, but is that any of your concern as someone invited to a party? The ground rule is not to be curious about anything that you are not asked to manage. A child irrespective of how he behaves is dear to his/her mom and more importantly, a mom knows the best about handling her own child. • Breast is definitely best: Well, depends! Always keep in mind that how a mom feeds her child is an extremely personal matter. She might have found a better way to feed her child other than something that has been known traditionally. Irrespective of whatever is considered best, a few things should be always left to a mom when it is about her child. • Don't you feel bad going back to work?: Well, the answer might be either a YES OR NO, but remember it’s a CHOICE. Also, no mother wants to stay away from her child, if she is staying away from the child chances are that they have decided it for her own and her child’s happiness. Always remember you have been invited to this party because you are considered a well-wisher and therefore you should not bring up anything that is borderline insensitive or insensitive to say the least. • You look tired, are the kids playing up?: Yes, the kids might be playing up, or the kids might not be playing up, but, that’s none of your concern. A mother might look tired for any reason and that might not be necessarily related to her child. Also, trying to know the reason why someone is looking tired is of course well-intended, but assuming the reason isn’t at all. • I don't hold my child like that: Well, that might suit you and your child the best. If asked for suggestion, it’s always nice to share your experiences and learning, but, if not asked, sharing what worked well for you might sound like an unsolicited advice. So, refrain, because primarily the occasion is to celebrate, have fun and not necessarily share what worked best for you. We will take that up some other time.