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5 Things Moms Must Do (atleast try) For Their Kids

AdminJul 17, 2021

Being a Mom demands being delicate and strong in equal measures. One has to be gentle, while being strict, stern while being tender, one ought to be both reprimanding yet understanding at the same time and so on. While walking this tight rope, it is but natural to miss a few over others. Being a mom, if we have to put it in a sentence, is one job that demands being the most responsible ever. So here’s an easy checklist of a few things that moms must try to do for themselves and their kids’ wellness, and most importantly for both to be happy.


  • Spend Quality Time With Your Kid: Like every relationships, a mother-child duo too need some special time. Try and spend atleast 20 minutes of your day with your kid/s, and that 20 minutes is the time frame, when there’s no distraction whatsoever. Only you and your child to talk and listen about each other’s day or to do things together that both of you love. 20 minutes is the minimum, you can go upto 24 hours and beyond, because there’s no time limit when it comes to sharing honest emotions and love.


  • Be A Patient Listener: Like you do when you try to understand things, you need to do the same here to understand your child. Let your kids talk and you hear them out. Assure them that they have the steadiest support in you. One fool-proof way to make them believe that you have heard them right is to repeat what they have said to you, and ask them further if they have to add something and then only if you feel it is required or if you feel that they are seeking support, offer heartily.


  • Supervise Correctly: Do check on them and their activities, but not in a way that’s interfering. Always remember, your child is an individual too. It is their right to explore and your right as a parent to show them the path. So, set clear boundaries and remember to be firm yet kind while doing so.


  • Be The Role Model: You cannot always blame your kids for picking up a habit that you have but you yourself isn’t proud of. Be your kids’ role model. Children will pick up and learn everything they see and hear from close quarters. So, be very mindful of what you do and how you do. For example: if you want your kids to develop a habit of reading, read yourself, read out to them, make them read out their stories to you. If you browse through your TV and electronic devices the entire day, it’s difficult and often rude to expect your child to be a bookworm. Lead by example.


  • Appreciate And Reprimand: Always be expressive about your kids’ achievements to them. Similarly, make them aware of their wrong-doings as well. Only appreciation or only scolding is not going to help your kids understand their strength or lack. Express honestly to help them grow and evolve into confident individuals.


At the end of it all, remember, you too are only a human being, and to err is human. Do not be harsh on yourself or on your kid, because it is alright o miss a few things. Only remember to acknowledge and accept the miss to hi it right the next time.