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5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Became A Mom

AdminJul 12, 2021

“I am about to pop a baby!”
Ohh! That’s going to be an experience! Would you allow us to stand by you and share a few reality-checks that might stop you from running like a headless chicken when you are at the deep-end of motherhood once your ‘water break’?

• Giving Birth - An Experience: We can plan a baby, but we cannot really plan the nitty-gritty of the birth-process. New mothers would have stories galore on their preferred process of giving birth, and the same mothers will tell you how the moment couldn’t have been more different from how they had wanted it to be. As much special the moment is, it’s equally critical, and therefore one really need to have faith in their doctor to take the best decision. One indeed has very little control over this beautiful process. Either way, what is guaranteed is a beautiful experience of holding the baby after all the sweat and pain one has gone through.

• Mom Guilt: Let’s put that up straight - Mom guilt is real and you will experience this differently at different point of time. When one straddles between keeping the baby satiated and happy and indulging in something that will make oneself happy, one ought to prioritise one over the other. But here’s the mantra, accept or ignore as you please, but live these days as you wish. Go ahead and do the stuff you love, because if you aren’t happy, you can’t really keep your baby happy.

• What Mom Type I am: One might wreck their brain trying to find a pattern in the ways they tend to their child’s needs, and thereby trying to gauge what kind of a mother they are – cool, frantic, worked-up, over-protective etc.. A mother might be a certain type or more, but what’s certain is the fact that you are ‘The Best Mom’ to your child.

• Postpartum Depression: Amongst all those ecstatic moments of giving birth to a human and holding it in your arms, standing at the deep-end of the responsibility of being the core care-giver and protector might seem daunting and take a toll on your mental health. Always know, it’s absolutely fine to talk about your discomfort with anyone you want to and trust. For this one problem, don’t ignore, connect. Your well-wishers and friends and doctors are just a call away.

• How Tired I Would Be: Feeling tired is the new constant feeling a new mom is bound to experience. But hey! That’s alright. Take your time to get back to the old rhythm or set a new rhythm altogether. The only advice we have is, ‘don’t fight the exhaustion’. Accept the new changes in and around you and try and get some rest – We know that sounds difficult, but trying never harmed anyone, did it?

Overall, stepping into motherhood is not as hunky dory as seen in movies. Rather, it’s as dark as dreamy. So, the only bit of (unsolicited) suggestion that we have for you is, ‘You are born as a mother! You are new! You are Supreme. So, just be because it’s gonna be alright!’