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5 Things Best Mom Do

AdminJul 26, 2021

Each mother takes on motherhood with a specific set of belief gathered from their relatives, their own parents, media, society and community. This belief, unfortunately, is that of a ‘perfect mom’. But, if truth has to be told, a mom is good enough for her child and is perfect in her own ways as a mom, with only little help extended from her well-wishers. The key to be a good mom is not be influenced by the pressure and expectations showered on you, but to just feel right about the way you take care of your child.
Below listed are a few parameters by which a mom can just stay assured about what she is doing is best for her child, for herself and right on track as a mother.


Laugh At Yourself: Hits and misses are parts of life. Irrespective of whether you have done it all right, or have bawled your eyes out crying over a mistake, take time-out to laugh on things you did and think those episodes were funny. Share these incidents with your friends and family members, because there’s nothing more therapeutic than acknowledging your own deeds (serious or silly) and laughing it off.


Mistakes Are Not The End-Of-It-All: If you can boost your child’s confidence by saying that making a mistake is fine, the same applies to you too. Like the age old adage goes, ‘you learn from your mistakes’, know that there’s no harm in doing something wrong, but what is important is to accept and own that mistake, learn from it and try again, because to err is human.


Appreciate Yourself: If you want your child to grow into a confident individual, you have to be confident of yourself first. Love yourself and be humbly-proud of your achievements. Be positive and praise-worthy about everything that you are proud of, and be assured that your kids will pick up the same trait and grow up in to a happy and confident individual.


Take Care of Yourself: The easiest thing to do as a mom is to forget about yourself. But, to say the truth, if you don’t take care of yourself, it will be difficult for you to take care of your loved ones. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself physically and mentally happy and motivated. Go ahead and indulge in any or all activities that you enjoy doing. Be it reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, cooking or anything that helps you unwind and feel good. This will also help set an example to your kids on how they should prioritise their wellness and also, how they should treat you, because moms deserve everything good, just like their kids.


It’s OK To Be Mad: Yes, irrespective of who you are, it’s absolutely genuine an acceptable to lose your cool. More so if you are a mother. Juggling too many things might take you off the track, as a result of which feeling irritated, frustrated or overeating to a situation is a natural reaction, and that’s perfectly fine, because every negative emotion is an emotion and one need to express it as unabashedly as all the positive emotions.


The key to be a good mom is to primarily take it easy, to not set shoulds and should-nots on how to tend to your baby’s need. It should be more about how you see yourself as a mom highlighting and leveraging on all your strength as an individual.