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5 Must-Follow Hygiene For New Moms

AdminJul 23, 2021

Cleanliness, hygiene and health are three most important factors that a mother has to be extremely careful about to ensure her baby’s good health and wellness. If a mother doesn’t take proper care of her health and hygiene, it is bound to impact her baby's health.

Given below is a quick checklist of 5 key hygienic habits that new moms must follow:

Take Bath Daily: The simplest practise to ensure cleanliness is to follow the basic habit of taking a bath everyday. As your baby is always in close contact with you it is imperative to stay clean to avoid any chances of you or your baby getting any kind of bacterial infection.

Avoid Chemical-heavy Products: There’s nothing as good as natural. Toxic and harmful chemicals, needless to say, are harsh on your skin and health and have side-effects. During this time, it is necessary to keep an eye on ingredients that trigger or aggravate allergies and infections. Products with natural formulation should be your preferred choice to ensure safety and health.
Wash Your Hands: Keep your hands clean – the thumb rule to cleanliness. Wash your hands often and properly, and don’t forget to wipe them dry. Assuming that you are holding the baby, and continuously have to do baby-related things, you have to be very careful about keeping your hands clean. Washing hands is a must before and after eating, changing your baby’s diaper or touching anything and everything around you.

Keep Your Breasts Clean: As breastfeeding is an integral part of attending to a baby’s need, you must take extra care of your breasts. As soon as you start breastfeeding, every time you breastfeed your child, apply a bit of breast milk onto your nipples and on the surrounding areas. Wipe it clean with napkin and make sure to keep them clean and dry. This simple step is sure to make breastfeeding a clean and healthy experience.

Drink Ample Amount of Water and Eat Clean Foods: Consume ample amount of water throughout the day. Refrain from consuming junk foods. Both these steps will ensure your and your baby’s good health. One way to relax, which also affects health positively is to indulge in regular oil massages, both for yourself and your baby. Regular oil massages will enhance blood circulation and keep you feel happy and fit. If possible, try and do some simple exercises during and post-pregnancy to stay healthy and fit.


Following all the above steps will help you both relax and enjoy this new experience of being a mother and staying healthy, fit and happy.