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5 Chatter To Avoid For New Moms To Maintain Sanity!

AdminJul 12, 2021

With every child, a mother is born. We get so busy in celebrating the birth of the child, that we miss the birth of a mother. Where on one hand, a child is taken care by the mother and many around, there’s very few to take care of the mother. Well, we agree to the fact that a mother is self-sufficient, but we also strongly believe in the fact that a small guide on what NOT to do might just come in handy to avoid the extra clutter and chatter around and just bask in the glory of being a mother.
We have listed a few things that New Mothers can just take it easy!
1) You Must Do This (Barrage of Expectation): One that comes with a child is a barrage of expectation. Once the time of ‘Ohh! you are expecting!’ cease, right then everyone around starts expecting you to do certain things, and that’s overwhelming. If those expectations come with a little help on doing your child’s laundry, or taking care of the child for a few hours of the day, you can choose to give it a hear. But, if its plain expectation with no help offered, you can just ignore it, because, simply put, enough of expecting and expectation since over nine months now!

2) Listen To My (unsolicited) Advice! There will be a family member or at times, many, to advice you on everything on how to treat your child. Unfortunately, most of it will be unsolicited. They will preach you on how to hold your child, how to put your child to sleep in a foolproof way, how to stop the child from crying, how to give the child a soothing massage and many more. Right then, you can either choose to be baffled by all these advices or take the simplest route of playing deaf. Then, head on and do what YOU think is best for your child, because you are the mother and trust us when we say, you know! Playing deaf often helps in maintaining sanity.

3) Follow The Rules/Tradition: Just as new your child is to you and your family, only so much new are you to yourself as a mother. All the prep-reading, listening to podcasts, watching video on what to do once you become a mother, seems banal when you have a living-wriggling bunch sliding over you all through the day. So, celebrate this new avatar of yours. Ditch rules and enjoy the moment. Celebrate this new avatar and bask in the glory of not only giving birth to a child, but bringing a new life in this world. Only do what you like, love and enjoy!

4) Let Me Show You How To Feed Your Child: There are hundreds of videos, books and podcasts to teach you how to feed your child! We absolutely trust their advice stemming from their own experience and can hear them scream out loud - My way is the best way! Right there is the lesson to learn – ‘My way is the best way’. Feed your child in a way that’s comfortable for you and your child.

5) The New Born Is The Most Important Being on Earth!: Now that you are a mother, you have two new avatars to deal with. The new, mother avatar, and ofcourse the child that is sailing in the comfort of your warm lap and we know that’s a sight to behold! But hey, remember, if you ignore yourself and don’t take care of yourself, it’s going to be mighty difficult to take care of your apple-pie! It’s absolutely fine to choose a time for yourself and do things that you love. Read a book. Netflix. Close your eyes and listen to the playlist you curated to get some sleep. Sip in Chamomile tea while feeding your child. Call a friend to share this all-new experience that you are going through. Or anything else that you want to do. Simply put, Do it. Do it unabashedly. Do it with pride, because you gave birth to a life!

Live it up! You are now a MOTHER. A new-born Mother. Live it up and only enjoy and celebrate.