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PUER Fabric Conditioner

  • Plant-based powerhouse
  • Vegetable-derived solubilizer
  • ZERO harmful chemicals

P.S. Smell it, Feel it, Hug It!

As low as ₹170.00 Regular Price ₹200.00
  • 1 Aqua
  • 2 Rheology modifier
  • 3 Popscent
  • 4 Plant based Solubilizer
  • 5 Cationic Surfactant & fabric softener
  • 6 Plant based Surfactant & Foam booster
  • 7 Preservative
  • 8 Colour
  • 9 Perfume
  • Take 1 cap of Fabric Conditioner

  • our into your machine slot or pour in your bucket

Fancy floating in clouds and being hugged by flowers? If so, our Puer Fabric Conditioner is just what you need!

A natural fabric softener, PUER Fabric Conditioner is an absolute need for your wardrobe. This liquid fabric conditioner can make even your oldest pair of pyjamas soft and fluffy as new, by lending back the glow it lost over the years.

Puer Fabric Conditioner is eco-friendly. The Malodour Control Technology obstructs bad odour and locks in a beautiful fragrance that lingers up to 48+ hours. Anti-static cling properties in this fabric conditioner breathes life into your clothes.


Why Nature Does It Better?

No Paraben, No Phthalates, No Methylisothiazolinone.

Puer Fabric Conditioner uses natural plant-based softeners and vegetable-derived solubilizer that leaves clothes soft and fluffy. It gives clothes a healthy glow and a long-lasting fragrance that one simply can’t get enough of.

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Why you should prefer PUER

  • Glide in the joy of donning a cloud (clothes so fluffy and soft)!
  • Cling isn’t a cool thing! Sorted with anti-static cling properties.
  • Goodness of plant-based formulation wins over chemical formulation
  • Fresh fragrance that stays longer!

P.S: Can your wardrobe hold clouds?! Your clothes will feel like one.

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