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PUER Antiseptic Liquid

  • Plant based Anti-Bacterial agent
  • Plant based Moisturization
  •  Natural fragrance oil: Citronella, Orange, Eucalyptus, Patchouli oil
  • Contains Mentha oil, Neem oil and Basil oil
As low as ₹200.00
  • 1 Aqua
  • 2 Astringent
  • 3 Natural Anti-bacterial agent
  • 4 Plant Based Solubilizer
  • 5 Colour
  • 6 Perfume
  • Take Antiseptic Liquid on cotton and dab on wound

  • Take 1 cap in a bucket for home hygiene needs

Protecting you and your loved ones while ensuring clean and safe healing while providing a soothing disinfectant, is the commitment we make through this all-natural antiseptic liquid. It keeps you and your family’s safety paramount.

This plant-based anti-bacterial liquid has more benefits than one.

The natural ingredients kill 99.99% germs with the help of a genius formulation of Mentha oil, Neem oil and Basil oil that also soothes and stimulates healthy immunity build-up.

Great for personal and home hygiene uses, the aromatic balance of Citronella, Orange, Eucalyptus and Patchouli will leave your house smelling fragrant as ever.

Why Nature Does it Better?

No harmful chemicals.

Sit back and let PUER Antiseptic Liquid do the work. Its essential oils, natural anti-bacterial molecules and natural perfume oils give soothing relief and kills 99.99 % germs ensuring you get complete protection.

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Why you should prefer PUER

  • Soothes pain. Boosts immunity
  • Gentle on wounds. Heals without pain.
  • Safe for you and your home (For personal hygiene & home care)
  • Plant-based anti-bacterial agent + Moisturization = Safe and soft
  • Cools with Mentha oil. Heals with Neem oil & Basil oil
  • Smells therapeutic with Citronella, Orange, Eucalyptus and Patchouli

P.S: Nature’s goodness in a bottle to soothe and heal!

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