Floor Cleaner + All Purpose Cleaner

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This bundle of PUER Floor Cleaner and PUER All Purpose Cleaner is sure to make all the visible surfaces and floors sparkling clean and germ-free!

PUER Floor Cleaner (1000 ml)

Fragrance: Floral Fresh

A must-have for every homes to keep floors not just clean, but germ-free too, irrespective of the floor types. This completely natural floor cleaner has a quick-drying formulation and delivers squeaky-clean floor without leaving any sticky residue behind.

PUER All Purpose Cleaner (500 ml)

Fragrance: Lavender Lush

The perfect solution to swipe away dirt and stains from table tops, kitchen counter, mirror, almirah, refrigerator etc. The best cleaner for both porous and non-porous surfaces, it also guarantees 99.99%* germ-kill. (*Basis germ-kill study in independent lab.) PUER All Purpose Cleaner is non-toxic, and has an effective blend of bio-degradable surfactants that removes even the toughest stain with ease.

Superior Performance:

  • PUER Floor Cleaner
    Germ-free sparkling floor
    Super-quick drying time

  • PUER All Purpose Cleaner
    Easily removes dirt, grime and stains
    99.99% germ-kill (*Basis germ-kill study in independent lab)

Plant-based Formulation:
Naturally-derived dirt removal properties
Blend of bio-degradable surfactants
No sulfated surfactants, ammonia, or silicone compounds, chlorine

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